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Company History

The Most Trusted & Affordable Locksmith in Las Vegas

Pop-A-Lock was born in 1991 when local law enforcement agents in Lafayette, Louisiana recognized the need for a car locksmith in their community. The Las Vegas locksmith operation opened soon thereafter, becoming one of the most trusted names in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.

Locksmith work has grown steadily since then, and Pop-A-Lock has now grown to become the largest professional locksmithing franchise in the country. Our original Lafayette location is now the national training facility and corporate headquarters for Pop-A-Lock.

While our main focus is on 24-hour emergency locksmith services, automobile lockout services and emergency roadside services, we also provide a full range of services related to every aspect of locksmithing.

In addition, we are proud to have created the Emergency Door Unlocking (EDU) Program – a free community service dedicated to saving children, seniors and others who are inadvertently locked in vehicles.

Our Locksmith Technology

Pop-A-Lock remains at the forefront of the locksmith industry by utilizing the most advanced technology available.

Our state-of-the-art communications and mapping system ensure that the closest and most capable employee is always dispatched to perform any locksmith-related service that may be needed.

Additionally, Pop-A-Lock utilizes best-in-class electronic access systems to ensure durability of equipment, flexibility in programming access levels and substantial access tracking. Pop-A-Lock is also closely allied with the leading researchers in automotive technology, ensuring that we have the latest and most effective tools for programming keys, remotes and immobilizer technology.

While our main focus is on 24-hour emergency locksmith services, automobile lockout services and emergency roadside services, we also provide a full range of services related to every aspect of locksmithing.

Most importantly, Pop-A-Lock uses a proprietary computerized technology system that provides technicians with access to the most advanced, accurate and efficient methods to service all types of locks.

Pop-A-Lock’s commitment to its customers is to utilize the best technology available to provide the highest quality service possible.

Why You Can Trust Pop-A-Lock Las Vegas

  • As part of the nation’s largest contingency of automotive locksmiths, we have access to a great source of knowledge we can rely on for any issue.
  • We have established relationships with lock and key companies.
  • Our locksmiths are provided specialized training and specialized equipment to ensure they can provide the best service to our customers. They practice on hundreds of cars, trucks and motorcycles under close supervision before being released to the field. Each technician is then apprenticed so he or she can handle real-life situations.
  • Every locksmith has been background checked and is licensed and insured where applicable.
  • We provide emergency service, coming to you any time of day or night.
  • We have the equipment available to work on most new advanced vehicle security systems.

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Our Reviews

Kari Dalton
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I had a total flat tire within a mile of my indicator light going on. I went to my Geico app and requested flat tire service. Pop A Lock was assigned to me. I was told via text that they would respond within 45 minutes. I got a call from the driver in less than 15. He put my spare on and was done within 10 minutes. He had all his own equipment and knew exactly what he was doing. Polite, and professional. I’m really impressed. So amazing!!
Simone Schwarz
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10 out of 5 stars ! The Mechanic (Michael) was fast, efficient, knowledgeable, friendly and professional and arrived within 30 minutes (via Geico). I had never heard of mobile car battery service and only expected a jump start, but after 10 minutes it was all done, new battery was installed for less than any shop would have charged. All right in front of my house. What a fantastic experience !
Christine P.
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I just had someone fix my flat tire when I was stranded after a doctor’s appointment and I haven't even left the parking lot yet because I needed to write this review ASAP! The guy who came to fix it was here within 10-15 minutes of me calling my insurance company, and he was so sweet. I stayed in the car, he put my spare on super quickly, and couldn't have been nicer. I wish I caught his name! Thank you, super nice Pop-A-Lock guy! If we ever need locksmith services again we are definitely using this company!
Tonya Finley
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My technician was experienced,knowledgeable and professional. He explained everything he was doing and made sure we understood. I would recommend this technician to everyone and since he works for pop a lock that means I will recommend the company . I’m so happy I called pop a lock and not any other mobile shop . Thank you for having reliable and knowledgeable people in this company . Thank you very much Reggie we are thankful to have gotten you
Chaneeta Maxwell
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I really love Pop a lock services!!!! I have used them several times through my insurance (Progressive) and each time, the techs were fast, efficient, and respectable gentleman. I’ve needed services at night, while alone and in the middle of the day and the service is always the same. Thank you guys for helping me today again!
Lisa J.
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Our battery died while we were out shopping. We called State Farm roadside assistance and they sent Pop-A-Lock. Ben arrived in about 15 minutes and analyzed the car. The battery was super dead, but that's ok BECAUSE HE HAD A NEW ONE WITH HIM! From the initial call to back on the road in about 35 minutes! Great service and a big smile from Ben. Very impressive. (They also rescue kids locked in the car for free!)
Eileen T.
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Of course in triple digit piercing hot Nevada weather my car battery decided to die after I got done with my shift. I put in a request through my insurance roadside assistance and they arrived within 20 minutes of my request. My technician was Joseph and he tested my battery life and showed me zero percentage left on my battery and jump started my vehicle. My car started instantly, he did give me the option of having my car battery replaced on site and showed me different prices and told me my insurance company will cover $60 of the total cost of the battery. Of course I had him replace it and it literally took him 5 minutes. Amazing service, definitely saved me from the heat! Thanks Joseph!