Our Locksmithing Services

Pop-A-Lock Las Vegas makes your family’s safety and security our highest priority. Our trained technicians provide a full range of locksmithing services for your home – from lock rekeying, to lock repair and installation, electronic locks, lockout service and more.

Lock Rekeying

The best way to control and manage your keys.

Moving into a brand-new home? Or, lived in your current home for years, but never thought about changing the locks? Rekeying your locks ensures you know exactly who has access to your house and increases overall security.

You won’t need new hardware either – unless you want something different. This is because a rekeying doesn’t require removing the lock itself. Our specially trained locksmiths simply change the pinning inside the current lock and provide new keys. Once this is done, the old keys no longer work. This is usually the go-to option for someone wishing to change locks at their house, as it doesn’t require that new lock hardware.

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Lock Repair and Installation

Your safety and security could be at risk.

When rekeying isn’t enough, Pop-A-Lock Las Vegas also provides lock repair and installation services. If it’s necessary to have lock hardware repaired or all new hardware installed, don’t put yourself or your family in danger by not having the work done by a professional.

A trained, certified Pop-A-Lock Las Vegas technician can install your locks correctly at minimal time and reasonable cost. Plus, our team can install and repair all lock types, brands and models.

Our mobile technicians are fast, reliable and background-checked. They’ll come to you, anytime you need them.

Repair and installation fees vary depending on a variety of factors.

Electronic Locks

Take your home’s security to the next level.

Tired of lugging keys around in your pocket or purse? Or, worse yet, forgetting them completely? Electronic locks and deadbolts may be a good option for you. They are an extremely convenient and highly secure form of protection.

Electronic locks are battery- or Bluetooth-operated, and typically run off a code that gives you access. But that’s no problem because you get warned when the battery is getting low so you won’t get locked out. Electronic locks also typically have a key entry or way to override the system, in case the battery dies unexpectedly, such as from bad weather.

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