Ignition Repair & Key Extraction

Ignition Repair & Key Extraction

Key stuck in the ignition?

Or, is your key getting tougher to turn in the door lock or ignition? It’s frustrating. These are the signs that your ignition and/or key may be wearing out.

Don’t wait until your key eventually breaks off inside the ignition. Call Pop-A-Lock Las Vegas at 702-454-5625 today to get a quote!

If your key does break off, Pop-A-Lock automotive experts are trained to extract it safely and, in most cases, without damaging the ignition or lock further. Our expert Pop-A-Lock technicians can rebuild ignitions or put in new ones safely. We also try and match your existing key so you don’t need separate door and ignition keys.

The cost of ignition repair and key extraction varies depending on factors like where you’re located, what time of day it is and how intensive the process is.

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