Las Vegas Car Door Unlocking

Las Vegas Car Door Unlocking

We’ll come when you need us.

Locked out of your car or locked the keys inside and need someone to get you back in without damaging your car’s locks? Or, maybe you lost your car keys?

Remember trying to get into your car with a coat hanger? Scratching the paint and damaging the doors that could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair? Need a car key replacement? Don’t even think about it! We’ll send an auto locksmith technician to you, 24/7.

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Trunk Unlocking

Keys locked in your trunk?
Don’t let that spoil your day.

Keys locked in your trunk? Don’t let that spoil your day.

Pop-A-Lock Las Vegas has the special tools and techniques to bypass your vehicle’s security to access your trunk. When it’s not as easy as opening the door and pressing a button, call us and we’ll send out one of our automotive experts to get you in when you’re in a pinch and need speedy, affordable mobile service.

Get your lost keys returned – for free!

Lost Key Return Tags

Our key return program can save you time, trouble and money – and it only takes two simple steps to join the program.

PALSavesKids™ Free Community Program

Community Program FREE Emergency Locksmith Service and Emergency Door Unlocking (EDU) Program

It can happen to anyone and at any time. An infant dies in a car after being accidentally locked inside. This heartbreak usually happens after a parent or caregiver changes their routine. The parent who normally drives the child somewhere has a schedule change, requiring the other parent assume the responsibility. When a person isn’t accustomed to handling this duty, a memory lapse can occur. A child locked in a vehicle can experience hypothermia or heat stroke, depending upon weather conditions.

Pop-A-Lock, founded in 1991 by law enforcement officers, developed a program that rescues children in locked vehicles 24/7. Since the program began, thousands of children have been rescued from across the U.S. at no charge to families or caregivers. The PAL Saves Kids program focuses on prevention and education—not blame.

We pride ourselves on this valuable service we offer to the Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas communities. Since we are a 24-hour emergency locksmith, we are able to provide this valuable service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pop-A-Lock has rescued over 10,000 children, seniors and those whose lives were in danger here in Las Vegas alone. There isn’t a better feeling than when we arrive on the scene with the fire department and rush to unlock the car door in a few seconds safely and speedily. It feels like we’re being super-heroes — and that is no exaggeration — but the truth is that it’s the emergency lockouts we perform in these situations that inspires us to do the work we do.

Procedures to follow in case a child, infant, senior or anyone’s life is in danger because they are locked in a car or home:

  • Call 9-1-1
  • Call Pop-A-Lock Las Vegas (the fire department usually calls us immediately, too)
  • The nearest Pop-A-Lock employee will drop everything and come to help for FREE.

We recognize that emergency lockouts can be scary and stressful so we give them the highest urgency and prioritize them over all active jobs. In fact, it is not uncommon for one of our locksmiths to leave a job if he or she is closest to the locksmith emergency and return once a child is saved.

Searching for Commercial Automotive Services?

At Pop-A-Lock Las Vegas, we provide full-service locksmith for commercial fleets as well. Our well-trained technicians are fully insured and can make duplicate smart keys, transponder keys and VAT keys for virtually all makes and models.

Call today for your commercial vehicle needs!