Smart Key Duplication & Programming

Pop-A-Lock® can duplicate or replace virtually every make and model of smart key.

We can duplicate your vehicle key quickly and less expensively than a dealership, too. Pop-A-Lock Las Vegas can meet you wherever you are and, usually, create your smart key right away.

Here’s a tip! Contact us before buying a vehicle key to program. Did you know, not all keys can be programmed to all cars. We’ll happily offer you a smart key that works for your car, or suggest some you can buy for yourself.

The cost of key or smart key duplication and programming varies depending on factors like the type of key, the time of day you need the service and if a new key needs to be generated.

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Why You Can Trust Pop-A-Lock Las Vegas

  • As part of the nation’s largest contingency of automotive locksmiths, we have access to a great source of knowledge we can rely on for any issue.
  • We have established relationships with lock and key companies.
  • Our locksmiths are provided specialized training and specialized equipment to ensure they can provide the best service to our customers. They practice on hundreds of cars, trucks and motorcycles under close supervision before being released to the field. Each technician is then apprenticed so he or she can handle real-life situations.
  • Every locksmith has been background checked and is licensed and insured where applicable.
  • We provide emergency service, coming to you any time of day or night.
  • We have the equipment available to work on most new advanced vehicle security systems.

Call Pop-A-Lock Las Vegas to get help or a quote.